Dajon Ferrell “When I enlisted no one actually thought I would make it.”

Dajon describes her parents as hippies and says that no one actually thought she would make it in the military. After spending 13 years in the military she struggled fitting into the civilian world like most do. She needed to be part of a bigger mission, a team, serving others. She has since found strength in veteran groups like The Mission Continues and Wounded Warrior.

Dajon found her purpose in helping others feel valued and important. She has lead groups and meetings and was always struggling to find a place to meet up. Coffee houses aren’t always the best place to talk about PTSD and intimate problems.

She found this house in the twin cities. She hopes that the community will decide what the space will be used for. Many have already collaborated with the Light House using the space for spiritual work, healing, gathering, and networking.


This is the shortest type up. I’m discouraged by this whole project I’ve started. No one has seen these posts and to add to it my infant will not stop crying. FML!