Valuable Time

In a world where our time is so valuable, something amazing is happening. Volunteers (over 400) are spending hundreds of hours to build a safe place for homeless veterans. This project is not government or state funded, it’s 100% donations and volunteers. It’s so shocking to see such selflessness and cooperation amongst strangers especially when there are so many political issues that divide us.

A Lot of the volunteers are veterans. I had a chance to talk to a few volunteers and they said that they have been healing through this process as well. They work along side their brothers and sisters and have the chance to talk about their service and find resolve with the past.

If you’re inspired by this please donate or offer your time!

Dajon Ferrell “When I enlisted no one actually thought I would make it.”

Dajon describes her parents as hippies and says that no one actually thought she would make it in the military. After spending 13 years in the military she struggled fitting into the civilian world like most do. She needed to be part of a bigger mission, a team, serving others. She has since found strength in veteran groups like The Mission Continues and Wounded Warrior.

Dajon found her purpose in helping others feel valued and important. She has lead groups and meetings and was always struggling to find a place to meet up. Coffee houses aren’t always the best place to talk about PTSD and intimate problems.

She found this house in the twin cities. She hopes that the community will decide what the space will be used for. Many have already collaborated with the Light House using the space for spiritual work, healing, gathering, and networking.


This is the shortest type up. I’m discouraged by this whole project I’ve started. No one has seen these posts and to add to it my infant will not stop crying. FML!


National Women’s Health and Fitness Day With Tiffaney Styles

F.I.T. With Tif

Tiffaney Styles talks about how she overcame an eating disorder and how she uses her story to connect with others who are wanting to transform.

She started her journey with Beach Body 2 short years ago and credits God for helping her find this new passion for helping others. She describes how she takes it one day, one meal, one workout at a time. Tiffaney is raising three daughters and hopes to instill strong values in them while being the best role model she possibly can. As a mother, wife, business woman, veteran, and coach she admits that everyday brings new challenges. Watch the entire video for the full inspirational story.

I met Tiffaney through a friend and we connected instantly. We had so much in common before realizing we both served in the military. It started as a simple follow on instagram. One of the many things I admire about Tiffaney is her authentic social media presence. You will not find her posing in front of a mirror before a workout and trying to get the cutest angles. She’s on the floor sweating her ass off with a dog photo bombing her action shots. This woman has taken her vulnerable story and used it as fuel to help others. She continues to serve others after her time in the military. She has already had such an impact on so many lives. I hate direct sales/ Multi level marketing BS more than anyone on earth, but I highly encourage anyone that is feeling a bit stuck to reach out to her.


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Watch this inspiring brief interview

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