Boudoir Myth Buster

As a photographer that is passionate about photographing women, boudoir is my sneaky way to get women in my studio. They think it’s this gift to their boyfriend or husband but really it’s an exhilarating experience to help them feel SEXY again.

boudoir, beautiful, sexy, white sheet


Sure it’s fun to photograph a beautiful model. It’s like doing a paint by number- the result looks amazing but you know that you just colored in the lines. Photographing a woman that can’t see her beauty is like sculpting this giant intricate masterpiece. Sure it takes time and more work but the result is what I’m proud of. THE FEELING!! I want women to FEEL sexy, beautiful, and WORTHY !

So I will gladly send all the 20 year old size zero bombshells to someone else, I want the moms, the cougars, the empty nesters, the busy working woman, the stressed out stretched out beautiful women!


This is the second annual boudoir marathon with 

The reason this works so well is very simple. My mission and Jessica’s mission are the same! Breaking body image issues, creating confidence, preserving beautiful women. That’s why we offer this ridiculously low marathon for women to come get their hair and makeup done professionally, get 45 min shoot with my crazy ass, and have 10 beautiful images to show off forever. (Trust me when you’re 90 you’re gonna wanna show everyone these images because then you’ll see that you really were gorgeous)

Sexy should not be shameful!

Beauty is not a size!

Confidence is not arrogance!

Step into your greatness !

A few spots left for this weekend January 13th and 14th

$395 boudoir special!