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Valuable Time

In a world where our time is so valuable, something amazing is happening. Volunteers (over 400) are spending hundreds of hours to build a safe place for homeless veterans. This project is not government or state funded, it’s 100% donations and volunteers. It’s so shocking to see such selflessness and cooperation amongst strangers especially when […]

Boudoir Myth Buster

As a photographer that is passionate about photographing women, boudoir is my sneaky way to get women in my studio. They think it’s this gift to their boyfriend or husband but really it’s an exhilarating experience to help them feel SEXY again. Sure it’s fun to photograph a beautiful model. It’s like doing a paint […]

Music is ALIVE!

My brother is a musician and an entepenure. He somehow makes it work while holding a full time job. So I’ve seen the struggles of paying to pursue your passion. It tears me apart knowing how corrupt the music industry is. He started a website that turned into this huge thing. http://www.musicinminnesota.com/ Photographers and writers volunteer […]

What is a Veteran

I was asked to speak at a Catholic school for veterans day. I hope you didn’t just spit out your wine, I mean coffee, like I did when I read the request.  4 valid reasons I should not speak at a Catholic school: I’m not religious I have colorful language I’m not a public speaker […]

11 Reasons Deployments are Awesome

Of course it’s easy to list all the things that suck about deployments. Trust me! I’ve heard and seen every annoying social media post, meme, cheesy photos, countdown, banner, etc.  So I vowed not to be that girl… here it is… my list of the 11 reasons deployments rock. And as Maui would say “You’re […]

No! I Don’t Need Pills!

I posted this video about how I was struggling with this fussy baby. I explained how mad I was at the world and that I decided to instead focus on those around me that were showing up and helping me. I got emotional as I talked about feeling so loved as I realized how many […]

The Worst Job I Can’t Quit

I’m broken! I hate being a mom! And this keyboard is the only one that will listen. This is hands down the worst job I’ve ever had. From being a waitress at a shitty restaurant to deployments.. .This is the worst! I never wanted kids. My sister had children at a young age, I knew […]

National Women’s Health and Fitness Day With Tiffaney Styles

F.I.T. With Tif Tiffaney Styles talks about how she overcame an eating disorder and how she uses her story to connect with others who are wanting to transform. She started her journey with Beach Body 2 short years ago and credits God for helping her find this new passion for helping others. She describes how […]