Hi! My name is Calinn Green. I am the proud product of the dairy farm life. Not only do I know what hard work is, but I actually enjoy it. Country runs in my veins but don’t get my wrong, I love lipstick and chiffon!

I started shooting blurry barn cats as a child, and my passion for photography grew from there. I’ve always been fascinated with the ability to freeze moments in time with a camera. After my mom passed away, my world was turned upside down. Suddenly pictures were all we had left of my mom. Since then I felt a calling to photograph women. Women, especially moms, are always the ones taking the pictures and rarely photographed.

I served active duty Air Force before pursuing my true passion. My specialty was Air Crew Flight Equipment. I serviced A-10 fighter jets, C-130 carriers, and medical evacuation C-130’s. In my short service I deployed twice to Afghanistan. My husband is still proudly serving in the Air National Guard.

A fun fact- I lead with blue energy, which means I am crazy about details. Sometimes my obsession for perfection slows my process but I feel that I need to do everything to the best of my ability. My “clients” value my customer service more than anything. I hate the term “clients” because I genuinely feel a connection and a friendship with every woman I photograph.

I grew up on a dairy farm in rural Wisconsin. Attended the Art Institute international for Fine Art Photography and the Minnesota School of Business for Business Administration. As an Air Force veteran, I proudly support my military husband, 3 year old daughter, and 2 fur babies. I always loved taking pictures as a kid, back when we had to get pictures developed. It all started with taking pictures of blurry barn cats. After my enlistment, I knew that I had to do something I enjoyed for a living. Photography started as a hobby but quickly became my purpose. My mom passed away at the young age of 50. I would do anything to have a big beautiful portrait of her on my wall, to remember her by. I wanted my daughter to know who my mom was, I want an excuse to talk about her to everyone. I realized my life experience was a hard lesson that I needed to learn so that other’s didn’t have the same problem. Women typically are the ones taking pictures and rarely are photographed in a classic and beautiful way. My mission is to ensure that every woman has a lasting portrait to be remembered by.

I am extremely compassionate, I love to meet new people and hear their story. I am detail oriented and a perfectionist. I like to know what my client’s insecurities are so that I can position them and create lighting that will enhance their beauty. I’m excellent at communicating and directing. My clients are not models, they are everyday women that are often uncomfortable being the center of attention and in front of a camera.  My job is to make every woman feel comfortable and confident.  I have the best hair and makeup artist in the area. Gina is an instructor at Faces Etc. Teaching hair and makeup to new students. She stays though out the shoot to perfect hair and makeup or make touch ups. During the hair and makeup we get to chat and learn more about each other. By the time we are ready to shoot, women are feeling comfortable and confident.

I have an eye for and prefer natural light (God light). I also have 2 years of photography school under my belt , I know all the technical ins and outs of photography and how to create my own light.  I think natural light is the most flattering on women.

Big ugly debate- Photoshop.  Touchy subject for sure. Yes, I use photoshop and I can make you look like a unicorn in the desert but I won’t. My editing is done with one intention, to present what I see. When I look at a person I am not focusing on blemishes, wrinkles, the symmetry of a smile, or the color of their teeth. I see the overall picture. I edit details to reflect  the beauty that I see. With that being said, I pose women in the most flattering way imaginable. A simple bend and lean can make a woman more feminine and smaller.

Props- I am not much for distracting props. My style is timeless, clean, tight cropped images. I have a variety of furniture and use more furniture for boudoir sessions.

Calinn Green


190 S. River Ridge Circle
Burnsville, MN