11 Reasons Deployments are Awesome

Of course it’s easy to list all the things that suck about deployments. Trust me! I’ve heard and seen every annoying social media post, meme, cheesy photos, countdown, banner, etc.  So I vowed not to be that girl… here it is… my list of the 11 reasons deployments rock. And as Maui would say “You’re welcome”!

  1. No Rush Hour- or rush 5 mins when you try to put the house back together the way you found it this morning to appear as if you have your shit together. You don’t have to do it. No one is coming home to see it and the only people who can see it are the ones that created the mess.
  2. Chef’s Choice- Since I’m the only adult and I don’t care what we eat.. it’s cereal and mac and cheese! Everyday.. every meal… and life is good.
  3. Bed Space- Finally you can get that restful sleep without snoring, fighting over blankets, and tons of bed space. Well… you would if you didn’t have children to take over the bed.
  4. Happy Hour- since you’re waking up at the butt crack of dawn, 10 am is a pretty good time to start happy hour. You don’t have to hide your wine in a coffee mug anymore. No one is around to see it, judge you,  or count how many times you fill your glass. Cheers!
  5. Climate Control- We have never agreed on a comfortable temperature. FINALLY the house is a comfortable 76 degrees. Take off the layers- no one is around to see your booty life is good!
  6. Money- All that hazard duty, separation, double dippin, tax free MONEY!! It’s going straight into everything that’s breaking while he’s deployed but it’s extra pay right =)
  7. Gifts- The people that know you and care about you will bring/send you the best gifts… like Cheetos and wine =)
  8. Hers and Hers Sink- Yep this means you can now take over the entire bathroom guilt free! Makeup, hair spray, blow dryer, curling iron, straightener,  perfume, jewelry, clothes, everywhere! It’s a beautiful thing!
  9. Bye Bye Side Eye- This actually should have been number one maybe. When you drop off your kid at school and you can feel people judging you for looking like a disaster. Then someone asks how you’re doing and everyone understands you’re a single parent with young children while your husband is deployed… and BAM! Suddenly the judgy side eye becomes a sympathetic “hi”.
  10. Strange apparel- I let my daughter wear whatever while my husband is gone because that battle just isn’t worth it. And I feel like we can get away with it since it’s the deployment. Especially when she wants to wear ABU’s to target.
  11. Justice- Ok so you are rocking this deployment, kids are alive, house is… there. You earned something really special. Start searching pinterest, amazon, priceline, home depot for your reward. Do you need a bathroom remodel, a new wardrobe, some fun shoes, a cool vacation? You deserve it, the sky is the limit. After all… see #6

There were more that didn’t make the list because they didn’t go with my vibe for the video. I will have to add on when I’m not so distracted keeping children alive.